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New exercise program

May 3, 2012

(very long after I promised it…sorry)

This is my ‘new’ training program (designed by C), that is specifically designed around my fibromyalgia. Hopefully I can gym or do boot camp again soon, but for now its mainly walking and stretching.

Anyhoo onto the program:
Monday – stretch and range of motion(AM), Pilates (PM)
Tuesday – stretch-15 min walk at 75%-stretch
Wednesday – Dr Oz 20min program (AM), yoga (beginners dvd PM)
Thursday – same as Tuesday
Friday – same as Wednesday
Saturday – same as Tuesday
Sunday – same as Wednesday
*increasing the walking every week until total time is anywhere between 30 and 60 mins.

Food has been SHITTY for the last month (?)… Its really gotten bad. I NEED to reign in the eating and the chips. And do some damn cooking………

The plan for the rest of the week is as follows:
Thursday –
*walk the dog, stretch
*cook supper! (pasta with beef and tomato sauce)
*go to bed by 10:00 (LATEST)
Friday –
*eat breakfast at home (not in the car!)
*Do yoga = very nb…
*do not over eat supper (out)
*go to bed by 10:00
Saturday –
*make a meal plan
*go to Makro
*go vegetable shopping
*walk and stretch
*go to bed by 9:00
Sunday –
*Dr Oz program, stretch
*take a nap
*long walk with the dog and the husband…….
*bed by 9:30


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