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BFL Weekend 1 (Days 5-7)

April 2, 2012

Quick weekend recap post.  Was both good and not so good.  We took day 6 (sat) as our free day as it was my birthday meal, and it was awesome!  So I weighed in a day early at 82.4kgs!  That’s a 1 kg loss for week 1!  I’m so happy 🙂 Anyhoo…both day 5 and 7’s workouts were good (sweat and muscle burn…)!  Proper week 1 and goals reacp to come soon.


  Day 5 Day 6 (Free day) Day 7
Meal 1 low GI toast, tuna, tomato 2 hot cross buns with butter low GI toast, organic peanut butter, lean ham
Meal 2 steak and apple black coffee with cinnamon, chocolate crossant yoghurt and cottage cheese
Meal 3 sweet corn, steak, green beans toast and ham low GI toast, half an avo, lean ham
Meal 4 hummus and carrots oat muffin with orgainc peanut butter
Meal 5 oven baked almond and oat bran crusted hake (this is something we will definitely make again), baked onion and sweet potato, cucmber, yellow pepper gyoza, sushi, karaage, potato salad, green salad Chicken noodle soup
Meal 6 black coffee, popcorn, lean ham, few cashew nuts black coffee, 2 cinnamon biscuits
Exercise upper body workout cardio HIIT – skipping

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