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BFL Day 3

March 29, 2012

So yesterday was day three and it was my worst day food wise yet.  BUT the lower body workout yesterday was awesome.  Did it in just under 40mins, and my muscles burned…in a good way 🙂

Food from day 3:

Meal 1 – Low GI wholewheat toast, 2 eggs, black coffee

Meal 2 – 1/2 green apple, raw almonds

Meal 3 – Meatball sandwich (the meatballs I posted about yesterday…just warmed two up and squashed them between two slices of low GI wholewheat bread. Was really good)

Meal 4 – 1/2 green apple, lemon lime chicken

Meal 5 – Brown rice and 2 slices lean ham (from Alma, best German butchery)

Meal 6 – Air popped popcorn (went out with our life group to a movie…C and I shared popcorn, just forgot to bring something protein with us…)


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