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BFL goals and start stats

March 26, 2012

Short and sweet post…here are my:

BFL goals:

In the next 12 weeks I will:

  1. Loose at LEAST 12 kgs,
  2. Be a size 34 at MOST,
  3. Increase my muscle strength so that I don’t have constant leg and hip pain,
  4. Have a FLAT and TONED stomach and
  5. I will feel sexy and comfortable with myself.


BFL Starting Stats:

I can’t believe I’m posting such disgusting numbers on the internet… Oh well, here goes.

Start weight = 83.4 kgs

Start body fat (on the scale, so not very accurate) = 40.4%

Chest = 98.5cm

Waist =(will check)

Hips = 115cm

Thighs = 68cm

Arms = 38cm

Calves = 42.5cm


(Before pictures to come)


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