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week 6 weigh in

November 7, 2011

Weigh in this morning was 80.5kgs. That is down from last week, but its definitely not enough. I was way down on sat morning, BUT then the weekend happened…. All of my hard work the rest of the week just went out the window over the weekend. This has to stop…I need a fixed plan over the weekend, just like I have in the week.

My whole weekend wasn’t bad though…I did cardio boot camp on friday night, and long boot camp on saturday afternoon. So the exercise was good, but my eating was out of control…I didn’t say no to ANYTHING! I was stuffed on sat all afternoon after the huge lunch I ate…AND I wasn’t hungry for supper, but I ate it anyways because it was supper time… What’s up with that? Madness…

Anyhoo. This week I will make a fixed plan for the whole week and stick to it. I am also going to try some calorie cycling. Next week I will weigh in less than 80kg (and I will stay there)!

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