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small victory

November 3, 2011

So one of my goals for this month was to add some walking to my week. As I already exercise every afternoon that I am not teaching after work, I needed to find another time to get the walks in. So I’m walking in my lunch break straight from work… Luckily I work in a nice suburb with a lot of trees. 30min walks 3 times a week at lunch (that is the new goal). Yesterday I went for the first one…and it was hard. My ankle and lower legs burned…. But I pushed through and I was super glad when I was done! Small victory for me! Today I will go again, and hopefully I’ll be less sore so I can go a bit faster.

Onto my food journal from yesterday:

Breakfast – 1 slice of low GI oat and honey bread with 1 egg fried in spray&cook (s&c) with black coffee

Snack – 1 nectarine, 1 large mug rooibos with honey and lemon

Exercise – 2.4km walk in 27.5mins

Lunch – 1 Portuguese roll with lettuce and chicken ‘mayo’ (made with chicken and light laughing cow cheese (llcc) instead of mayo) and baby tomatoes on the side

Snack – apple, celery sticks, small packet niknaks (very bad….and failed on my no chips goal)

Exercise – short bc (200 TT)

Supper – tuna salad

Snack – coffee, small piece of milk tart (from fruit and veg city), 3 mini sausage rolls

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