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weekends are HARD…

October 16, 2011

The whole week has been really good food wise. The scale has been showing a loss all week…but as soon as the weekend starts my food sense goes out the window and I just want to eat everything in sight…

Yesterday (saturday) I ate:
– toast and peanut butter with syrup
– chipniks
– sushi buffet (many more pieces than I should have had…)
– sprite and a beer
– a lot of jelly babies
– toast and lamb potjie with salad

– toast and peanut butter with banana
– coffee
– many many cinnamon sugar pancakes (we were making for the rugby after church)
– iced coffee
– rosemary potato wedges, 2 slices of bacon, 1 egg, half and avo
– chocolate biscotti…..

My problem however is not what I eat on the weekend, but how the ‘bad’ eating carries on though into the next week.

Its unlikely that I will see any weight loss this week, but I will not let this bad weekend affect next week! And I will go into next weekend with a strategy 🙂

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