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New eating plan

So, yesterday afternoon I had my first meeting with the dietitian (not my first ever, but first with this one).  I was so nervous about it (especially about being weighed and measured) but it was not so bad and she was really sweet.  All in all it was good.  Goal weight = 68kgs.  Current weight = 85.something kgs (cringe…).  BF = 38.1% (even worse…).  Meal plan is all about eating low gi and correct portions (especially of carbs, my weakness).


So the plan for this week (suppers) is:

  • Mon – Hake fillet, baby potatoes, steamed veggies
  • Tues – Leftovers from mon made into fish cakes, green beans, salad with avo
  • Wed – chicken stew with rice (chicken, peppers, mushrooms, onions, etc)
  • Thurs – beef stir-fry with rice
  • Fri – chicken and tomato pasta



New exercise program

(very long after I promised it…sorry)

This is my ‘new’ training program (designed by C), that is specifically designed around my fibromyalgia. Hopefully I can gym or do boot camp again soon, but for now its mainly walking and stretching.

Anyhoo onto the program:
Monday – stretch and range of motion(AM), Pilates (PM)
Tuesday – stretch-15 min walk at 75%-stretch
Wednesday – Dr Oz 20min program (AM), yoga (beginners dvd PM)
Thursday – same as Tuesday
Friday – same as Wednesday
Saturday – same as Tuesday
Sunday – same as Wednesday
*increasing the walking every week until total time is anywhere between 30 and 60 mins.

Food has been SHITTY for the last month (?)… Its really gotten bad. I NEED to reign in the eating and the chips. And do some damn cooking………

The plan for the rest of the week is as follows:
Thursday –
*walk the dog, stretch
*cook supper! (pasta with beef and tomato sauce)
*go to bed by 10:00 (LATEST)
Friday –
*eat breakfast at home (not in the car!)
*Do yoga = very nb…
*do not over eat supper (out)
*go to bed by 10:00
Saturday –
*make a meal plan
*go to Makro
*go vegetable shopping
*walk and stretch
*go to bed by 9:00
Sunday –
*Dr Oz program, stretch
*take a nap
*long walk with the dog and the husband…….
*bed by 9:30

BFL update

Hey guys…

Sorry for the lack of blogging… I know I have seemingly fallen off the face of the earth. (I didn’t buy the way :)) My BFL challenge was going so well, then last week I got sick, and now I’m still not better. And I am having a lot of muscle and joint pain. I am not exercising at the moment at all (except for the daily walking with the puppy) and my eating has been TERRIBLE. Also C and I has decided that I must pause my challenge for now. I WILL come back to it as soon as I am feeling better and can do the exercise without hurting my body.

For the moment I will be doing a yoga and walking based program that C will write for me. And I will be seriously overhauling my eating. I will just be calling this my healthy living plan, because that is what it is 🙂

Hopefully a lot more meals and recipes and updates to come!

BFL days 9 and 10

Have been having internet connectivity issues… 😦

Its been a rough few days, Cs away, its holy week, work is stressful, etc. So I have not been 100% on plan, but I’m not completely off either, just doing the best I can. Had a biscuit on tues (day 9) and cheese yesterday… Exercise has been abysmal….really struggle to be motivated when I’m alone. I have been taking the puppy for longer walks though.

Food from day 9:
Meal 1 – low GI wholewheat toast, egg, black coffee
Meal 2 – bran muffin with organic peanut butter
Meal 3 – lean ham and avo sandwich with ricotta
Meal 4 – apple and ham
Meal 5 – slow cooker chicken tomato and green bean stew with mielie pap
Meal 6 – oat and chocolate biscuit

Food from day 10:
Meal 1 – greek yoghurt and all bran
Meal 2 – apple and cashews
Meal 3 – slow cooker chicken tomato and green bean stew with mielie pap
Meal 4 – toast and avo
Meal 5 – pasta with ostrich meat balls and tomato and basil sauce, Tbsp (ish) of grated cheddar)

BFL Day 8

Yesterday was HARD…I really didn’t want to eat what I had packed at work (mainly because it was cold and I really wanted warm food), and the lower body workout was a killer.  I slipped up a little with supper, my sister and I ate together, and I had 1/2 a biscuit. 

Food from yesterday:

Meal 1 – Low GI toast and scrambled egg, black coffee

Meal 2 – Low GI bread and lean ham

Meal 3 – Chicken noodle soup

Meal 4 – Homemade ‘bran’ muffin with organic peanut butter

Meal 5 – Almond, oat bran and panko crusted baked talapia, avo, potato wedges, roast onion and peppers, dry white wine (1 glass)

Other – Black coffee with cinnamon

BFL Weekend 1 (Days 5-7)

Quick weekend recap post.  Was both good and not so good.  We took day 6 (sat) as our free day as it was my birthday meal, and it was awesome!  So I weighed in a day early at 82.4kgs!  That’s a 1 kg loss for week 1!  I’m so happy 🙂 Anyhoo…both day 5 and 7’s workouts were good (sweat and muscle burn…)!  Proper week 1 and goals reacp to come soon.


  Day 5 Day 6 (Free day) Day 7
Meal 1 low GI toast, tuna, tomato 2 hot cross buns with butter low GI toast, organic peanut butter, lean ham
Meal 2 steak and apple black coffee with cinnamon, chocolate crossant yoghurt and cottage cheese
Meal 3 sweet corn, steak, green beans toast and ham low GI toast, half an avo, lean ham
Meal 4 hummus and carrots oat muffin with orgainc peanut butter
Meal 5 oven baked almond and oat bran crusted hake (this is something we will definitely make again), baked onion and sweet potato, cucmber, yellow pepper gyoza, sushi, karaage, potato salad, green salad Chicken noodle soup
Meal 6 black coffee, popcorn, lean ham, few cashew nuts black coffee, 2 cinnamon biscuits
Exercise upper body workout cardio HIIT – skipping

BFL day 4

Before I get into yesterday, C and I have taken today (sat) as our free day instead of tomorrow, because we are having a (very late) birthday supper for my sister and I. 🙂 So I did my weigh-in this morning….82.4kgs. That’s down exactly 1 kg!

Okay, back to yesterday, aka challenge day 4…it was really good, especially the upper body workout! Tough, but really good. This morning I can definitely feel that I worked my arms and shoulders!

Onto the food:
Meal 1 – toast with tuna and tomato
Meal 2 – steak with an apple
Meal 3 – ear of corn, steak, green beans, rosa tomatoes
Meal 4 – oven baked fish crusted with almonds, sweet potato, onion, cucmber, 1/4 avo
Meal 5 – toast with natural peanut butter (I use Woolies organic 100% peanut butter, its awesome)